VTA on 2015 - 2016 F150 2.7L Ecoboost

Takes about five bucks and five minutes for the entire install. You might have to grab a few zip ties while you are at the store. Home Depot or Lowes have these.

1.) So to start, run to Home Depot and get these.

VTA Rubber Chair Tips


2.) Next, you will want to get under the truck and disconnect the hard hose from the Blow off valve.

disconnect blow off valve


3.) Just twist the Grey peice and pull, it'll come off.


4.) Next on the bottom of the driver side intake you will see another Grey twist clip on the hose, disconnect it.


5.) Then push on the rubber cap on the intake and secure it with a zip tie.


6.) That's it. You are done. And now you are venting to atmosphere, I kept my hose in the tool box, it only takes a few seconds to put it back on if needed to.


Hope this helps people out.

Originally posted and shared by CMTuner, thank you for sharing.