Sony Sub Woofer Box Poly Fill

So after reading about filling the stock Sony sub woofer box with 1 lb. of Poly fill and not being able to find any images of how to do it (though it is an easy job some people like myself like to see what you're up against from someone that has previously done it) or any information really other than the usual, "I filled mine and it sounds great" or "have you heard it or tried to fill yours to see how it comes out". I decided to do it and throw up some pictures it was well worth the time is impressive the difference that it makes truly it probably took about 20-30 minutes total time (that was taking my time and doing it very slowly) and the sound gains from it are well worth it.

(These are step-by-step instructions maybe a little simple for some or not detailed enough for others but I think they cover the job pretty well)

1. ) First thing you do is unbolt the 3 bolts that hold the Sub box down. The back bolt is exposed the front bolt is under caps that are easily removed by hand.

2. ) Once the bolts are removed you will find the speaker cables, those are disconnected with the little clip from underneath.

3.) Now you can remove the box from the truck and take it inside (or were ever you want to work on it).

4.) Once you are set up wherever you're going to be filling the box there is a single bolt on the top holding the sub by the magnet side. It is secured by blue Loctite and takes some force to get it off.

5.) Now that the sup is removed (I left the wires connected that they are easily removed) fill the box with the poly-fil even if you don't think it will all fit, it will, just keep jamming it into the corners. now place the sub back in and follow the directions in reverse and go back and install it into the truck. (there is an arrow on the cover of the sub and one on the box they need to match up when you reinstall the sub into the box after filling it)

I did a 12 ounce bag of poly-fil which is a little less than the recommended 1 pound but it fit in there perfectly and truly I don't think that 4 ounces is going to make that much of a difference. Now test it out and enjoy, it is impressive truly. Not like having a 2 12" sups but a vast improvement in bass.

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