Ford Recalls - May 2016

There is a NEW recall going around for 2011 to 2012 Ford F150s. Ford is recalling about 200,000 trucks for this. It has to do with your transmission and the speed sensor. Specifically, it is an issue with the output speed sensor on the transmission's lead frame. The underlying problem appears to be with the software within the powertrain control module, which could cause your vehicle to downshift suddenly.

Ford's statement;

"Under certain conditions, the transmission controls could force a temporary downshift into first gear. Depending on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the downshift, the driver could experience an abrupt speed reduction that could cause the rear tires to slide or lock up. This condition could result in loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash."

2011-2012 Ford F-150 RECALL
2011-2012 Ford F-150 vehicles built at Dearborn Assembly Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant between August 19, 2011 and March 9, 2012

If you believe that you have an F150 that was built at either of the Assembly Plants between those dates, my encourage would be to contact Ford Customer Service or Your Local Dealer. Recall notices will be sent to owners of affected vehicles by mail.

Ford Customer Service Number
Toll-free 800-392-3673

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