Catch Can Install UPR Dual Valve on a 2015 F150 Ecoboost 3.5L

Installing a catch can will help your engine breathe a little better. A catch can removes all of the toxic, oil, fuel and condensation mixture out of circulation. Keeping a cleaner intake and intercooler. Here is a guide by the guys who made the UPR catch can available for our trucks.

1. The installation requires you to lift the wire harness off the stud on the driver side fan shroud stud.

UPR 2015 Catch Can Mount-1k

2. Then remove the fan shroud stud and position the catch can in place then re-install the stud and wire harness.
3. Important tip is to keep the screws on the top of the catch can loose so you can rotate the can to relax the lines.

UPR 2015 Dirty Side-1-1k

4. Next you will remove the passenger side PCV hose that runs from the valve cover to the intake manifold by the throttle body.

UPR 2015 Hose Routing-5-1k

5. Now you will run the dirty side line from the top of the catch can to the passenger side valve cover. (5/8 line with no check valve)
6. Now you will run the clean side line from the side of the catch can to the passenger side throttle body. (5/8 line with check valve closest to the catch can)
7. Next you will need to remove the driver side line with the EPS sensor and install the UPR one way EPS sensor line in place.
UPR 2015 EPS Side-6-1k
UPR 2015 EPS Install-7-1k
8. Lastly you will install the short line for the WOT connection from the quick connector on the EPS to the driver side of the catch can.
UPR 2015 Can Diagram-8-1k

9. Now you can tighten the bolts and lock the can in place and double check all your connections

UPR 2015 Catch Can Installed-9-1k

10. Start your engine let it idle and walk around and check everything one last time and your all set.